Welcome! This is Harsimran Singh a very passionate, positive and tech person. Love to code and logic building. Help other developers and also enthusiastic for learning new things.

What I Do

As a professional I develop websites and learn new technologies. Also I am a Teck Geek from my childhood. Very enthusiast personality with a positive attitude I carry myself to whatever extent it needs to be.

Who I Am

Born 8th March, 1989

I'm a web developer from Pathankot, Punjab, IN.

I've been developing websites for since Oct' 2009. I started with the HTML sites and got to know about the PHP as the Server Side Scripting. After few Months I started learning PHP at my own. In the 6 Months Industrial Training I was introduced with the PHP and the CMS including Joomla, Wordpress and Self Designed. Now I am having few live sites of my own and working in an MNC as a Web Developer. Even I used to work at my home for my knowledge base. I have strong knowledge in PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, CodeIgniter, Symfony, SOAP+WSDL, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and generating LOGICS. Also have developed one Android application and is live on Play Store (Naam Simran). Love to write blogs on the technical and social issues and updates.
The Dreams are High but the Path is so tough and long distance to go.

For any kind of Web Services related issues or any other technical issues feel free to contact me - why not get in touch today?

Say Hello.

Any Enquire or for any help IT related service or consultancy please feel free to write me. Will be happy to help.